Centre for Rural Health, University of Tasmania

The Centre for rural health department of University of Tasmania covers the entire state.  It has strong collaborative partnerships and strategic alliances with a range of organisations and rural communities. These underpin departmental activities through 14 Rural Health Teaching sites which provide a base for education, training and locally based research and evaluation.

The UDRH works with the health sector to support the rural health professional workforce on a multidisciplinary basis, liaising with education and training providers to provide access to interprofessional clinical experiences and to accredited flexible learning courses.

The Centre for Rural Health encourages health students to choose a rural placement in Tasmania by offering a range of support services including a network of rural hospital and community-based learning environments dedicated to rural health teaching, learning and research.

Rural Health Teaching Sites provide students with accommodation and IT facilities close to local health services.

Rural Inter-professional Clinical Education Centres provide accommodation and access to education and training facilities and are operated in partnership with the Department of Health and Human Services.

Accommodation is of a medium to high standard and is offered on a share basis. It is self-contained and fully equipped with cooking and laundry facilities. The range of IT services may vary from site to site.

Supporting rural pharmacy education and practice in Australia