For Pharmacists


Do you want support in your practice?

The RPSN is here to offer support and to help regional and rural pharmacist across Australia. We have local newsletters, networking opportunities and resources to help with practice in a regional and rural areas of Australia.

Each Rural Health Department has their own way of staying connected with the pharmacists of their area. Please Click on the appropriate location in the About Us page to go to the University Department and see how you can stay up to date with the Rural Pharmacy Liaison Officer in your area.

There is a Rural Pharmacy Maintenance Allowance to support pharmacies in MMM 3-7 locations. This is because everyone knows in these communities Pharmacy is often the only health professional accessible. It is a crucial pare of the health workforce and individuals that choose to work in these areas need to be experienced in all kinds of areas (be a generalist) as they may see patients from all generations in a single day.

If an emergency arises, such as a death, personal emergency such as sickness or accident, the Fedral government does not want to shut down an essential service.  For help with keeping to doors open, especially when a single-pharmacist pharmacy has a sick call, the Rural Emergency Locum Service can be called. This is being run LocumCo and can be reached by calling 1800 357 001

Are you wanting to go to CPD and Networking events but are unsure if you can afford it?

The Rural Continuing Professional Education Allowance assists Pharmacists from rural and remote areas to access Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities by providing financial support for travel and accommodation. The Program also provides funding for professional educators to travel to a rural location to deliver CPD activities to a group of practising Pharmacists.

Would you like to be a preceptor and support a student or intern on placement?

If you choose to be the preceptor of an intern pharmacist you may be eligible for the Intern Incentive Allowance for Rural Pharmacies.

Would you like to mentor to a pharmacy student?

There is a government incentive program that can offer this opportunity. Click here for more information.

Supporting rural pharmacy education and practice in Australia