For Interns

A career in regional or rural pharmacy may be the best thing you ever do!

There are many difficulties with moving to a new area. It can be hard to set yourself up when you are working full time (possible for the first time) and studying as well. If you need to move away from your support networks to do this it can be a daunting prospect.


  • There is likely to be much more hands on experience with a broader range of situations and scenarios in front of you.
  • You are able to receive an allowance for travel required for training
  • You become part of the community
  • There is more satisfaction when a person returns after you have helped them
  • Wider range of services to offer (more vaccinations done than you would if there was a doctors clinic around the corner)
  • The commute to work is easier
  • More one on one support with a preceptor that has less people to oversee.

Here are what others have said about rural internships

“Close working relationships exist with all types pf healthcare workers in the town.  Cooperative relationships also exist with other pharmacies in the region.”

about Benalla Health from Wildefire’s Rural Pharmacy Internship Guide for 2021

“Going to a rural area for your internship gives you the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone, but also challenges you and improves your ability to problem solve, while allowing you to get to know your patients and colleagues on a much more personal level.”

A Junior pharmacist’s experience of Central Gippsland Health from Wildefire’s Rural Pharmacy Internship Guide for 2021

“Working within a regional hospital pharmacy department has allowed me to develop meaningful rapport with local patients, in addition to having many opportunities to effectively contribute to patient care within the multidisciplinary healthcare team.”

– Kayla Gallert, Pharmacist intern at Latrobe Regional Hospital, VIC 2020

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